Why we need MBC research more than ever

Why we need MBC research more than ever

At METUPUK, we dream of the day when metastatic breast cancer (MBC) is downgraded from an incurable to a chronic illness. The only way this will be possible is through new scientific research. We urgently need more research into this deadly disease.
We need more clinical research into MBC, including clinical trials. These are crucial for determining which are the most effective treatment options and for bringing new drug treatments to patients.

Email complaint to CRUK May 2020

We attach an email complaint from METUP UK to CRUK (we have received a response this week – see below after the complaint) We are a patient-led advocacy group, lobbying

Open email to Breast Cancer Now re COVID19 (& letter for your MP)

Dear Delyth, In the absence of any consistent reassurance from NHS or Third Sector sources, the members of METUPUK feel compelled to write to you to ask what specific steps