Secondary Breast Cancer Infographics


Our Founders achievement is the red flag infographics.  Created by abcdiagnosis highlighting where secondary disease will return.   No one wanted to promote this information with patients.  Professionals and charities having a paternalistic and outdated view.  A simple idea that just didn’t get promoted by those who should have promoted it.  5 years later NHS England have adopted this and it will be available throughout the NHS in personalized care plans and for GPs via portals ie GateWay C and C The Signs for GPs to learn, view and use effectively for breast cancer patients.

We will keep on promoting this infographic in everything we do for earlier diagnosis of the disease.  It is important for a patient to have this which can lead to stability or remission so they can keep living their lives.  Many of us have families and work commitments and for a patient it is important that we keep our life as normal as possible without the intrusion of cancer.  “Earlier diagnosis” can help to live longer if the disease can be controlled with less disease burden.

Awareness is a key priority and always has been with METUPUK


Check out the red flag infographics in our Resources section.