“We are a patient advocacy group aiming to turn metastatic breast cancer (MBC) into a chronic illness and support MBC patients to gain access to the best medicines to prolong and improve their quality of life.
We work towards a day when MBC can be cured.”

1.    Awareness and Education

MBC is currently incurable. Highlight the harsh reality of MBC which is not well reflected in the Pink celebratory marketing of many breast cancer fundraising campaigns.

Challenge and educate policy makers, charities and government bodies to ensure that MBC is a priority for funding, research and innovation.

Ensure that MBC is represented on all Trusts or Boards of breast cancer organisations (ideally by Patient advocates being included as Trustees or Board Members).

Ensure that primary breast cancer patients understand and recognise the symptoms of MBC so that they can present for diagnosis and treatment earlier thereby improving their QOL and survival prospects.

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2.    Research and Access to drugs

Urge life science companies to increase the number of MBC trials in line with the MBC number of patients and recognise the real potential to extend and save their lives.

Work to make breast cancer trials more accessible to MBC.

Lobby regulatory authorities to speed up the drug approval process for new drug treatments for MBC.

Work, with other organisations, to secure broad patient access to new innovative treatment regimes.

Capitalise on the Artificial Intelligence revolution and demand that more effort goes to collect and analyse specific data and statistics for MBC. Use information to better inform treatment decisions.

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3.    Patient Treatment and care

Support MBC patients in understanding treatment and lifestyle options and how they can live well with MBC.

 Campaign for an increase in MBC clinical nurse specialists to support UK patients.

Disseminate research information to increase awareness to MBC patients.

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