Sex and Intimacy after a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Sex and Intimacy

A diagnosis of cancer is a major life event. None of us is immune to the
potential of developing the disease. It doesn’t discriminate by age, gender,
sexual orientation or ethnicity. It can also develop in any part of the body. In
the case of breast cancer, one in seven women will be diagnosed with it
during their lifetime. Approximately 30% of those women will go on to develop secondary breast cancer.

Statistics for Metastatic Breast Cancer

Statistics for Metastatic Breast Cancer

We started our campaign in Metastatic May with some information about treatment lines and it really caused a bit of a stir, especially on Instagram.

Why? Because people don’t want to think that this disease is going to kill us. We have to remain positive. We have to see the chink of light and I agree we all have to have hope. That was my introduction. We need hope.

Drugs, Drugs, Drugs

Drugs, drugs, drugs, like patching up a sinking boat

I think sometimes when those outside the cancer world imagine what treatment is like they think we go in, have some chemo, take some photos dancing around our IV pole and then go home and rest for a few days…. And don’t get me wrong I’m one of those people who have taken a cheeky chemo selfie and donned numerous items of leopard print to get me through those loooooooong days in the chemo ward, it’s like armour for what is essentially ritual poisoning!