Let’s talk treatment lines……

“Treatment lines?” you might ask if you aren’t in the MBC world, “What are they?”

Well, here’s the thing, not all metastatic breast cancers are created equal – and not all the variants of MBC are treated in the same way. But the one defining feature of ALL metastatic cancers, breast or not, is that the treatment lines are finite.

You might have 3 lines before you run out of approved options, you might have 6. But 3, 6, even 50, there just are not enough of them. Because the reality is that when you run out of treatment options, you run out of time.

Watch to see the outline of treatment line options for metastatic breast cancer in the UK. (We know that not everyone feels the need to know their future treatment options, but some do. And we think it’s an important message to share. If, however, you aren’t ready for this info, please don’t read the below.)




Internationally Approved but not available on the NHS

Accessible Via Trials