“Improving and extending the lives of women and men living with advanced breast cancer (ABC) in all countries worldwide and fighting for a cure.”

The ABC Global Alliance is a partnership, established by the European School of Oncology and now registered as a non-profit association in Portugal, is a multi-stakeholder platform for all those interested in collaborating on common projects relating to advanced breast cancer (ABC) around the world.

It is made up of people and organisations who are committed to develop, promote and support tangible improvements that will ultimately create awareness and actions that will improve and extend the lives of patients living with ABC worldwide.

The ABC Global Alliance was launched during the World Cancer Congress in Paris on 3 November 2016. It is a continuation of the work developed through the ABC International Consensus Conference created in 2011, responsible for the ESO-ESMO international consensus guidelines for the management of advanced breast cancer and its advocacy efforts.

Vision and Mission

Their goal is to improve and extend the lives of women and men living with ABC in all countries worldwide and to fight for a cure.  They will also raise awareness of ABC and lobby worldwide for the improvement of the lives of ABC patients.

The ABC (Advanced Breast Cancer) Global Alliance identifies key change imperatives to target improved ABC care by 2025,

  • Gaps in ABC research
  • ABC in patient care;
  • ABC in society

The 10 actions for change are designed to help address and drive improvements in care

1.    Double median overall survival for patients with ABC by 2025.
2.    Improve QOL for patients with ABC in clinical practice.
3.    Improve availability of robust epidemiology and outcomes data for ABC.
4.    Increase availability and access to multidisciplinary care, including palliative, supportive and psychosocial assistance for patients, families and caregivers to ensure patients are receiving the best treatment experience.
5.    Strive for all patients with ABC to have financial support for treatment, care and assistance if unable to work.
6.    Offer communication skills training to all healthcare providers.
7.    Provide accurate and up-to-date ABC-specific information tools to all patients who want them.
8.    Increase public understanding of ABC.
9.    Improve access to non-clinical supportive services for ABC.
10. Protect workforce rights for patients with ABC.

Here is the latest from ABC5 November 2019 with slides from the conference

METUPUK have a Membership of being an Associate Observer of The Global Alliance.