METUPUK joins the Northern Ireland Cancer Charities Coalition

METUPUK has joined the Northern Ireland Coalition (NICCC) and will work collaboratively with partner charities to improve outcomes for cancer patients in Northern Ireland. Ann McBrien, METUPUK’s Northern Ireland Executive

The Economist – Pioneering person-centred breast cancer care – Madeleine Meynell

At the End of May 2024 Madeleine attended an event at the offices of the Economist on Pioneering person-centred breast cancer care.  This event was part of a wider project looking at

Data collection for metastatic breast cancer, “we are only counted when we are dead” – Kat Southwell

Just shy of six years ago I was diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC). Rare with a “high fatality rate and difficult to treat” is what I learnt in the

Metastatic May – a Primary Patient by Jane Cooke

I was diagnosed with hormone positive primary breast cancer in February 2022. I had a lumpectomy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and am now on 10 years of reduce risking hormone repressing therapy.   

When D-Day’s DE NOVO – Sue Thomas

When D-Day’s DE NOVO  My name is Sue, I’m a wife, a mum, a nanny, a daughter, a friend, a Metastatic Breast Cancer patient, and an advocate.  My breast cancer

Guilt – Helen Stewart

As mothers, we have a strong biological urge to protect our offspring. To protect them and keep them safe from harm. That urge starts at their birth and continues as

Anticipatory Grief – Relationships and metastatic breast cancer – Jo Taylor

I first came across “anticipatory grief” whilst friends with Sarah Illingsworth, who had metastatic breast cancer and was a Trustee for Breast Cancer Now.  She was bold and forthright and

Lymphoedema and me… Kirstin Spencer

My lymphoedema started very abruptly. One night, I developed unbelievably bad pain in my arm and shoulder.  It was awful.  I showered, tried to rub it better.  When I went