Screenshot Premier Radio Interview

This morning member Bex Lewis spoke to John Pantry from Premier Christian Radio from Vaughan Park in New Zealand, where she had won a two-month writing scholarship (and break from ongoing treatment for secondary cancer) as COVID broke out around the world, and things start to look complicated:

Imagine you find yourself in LOCKDOWN, you’re alone, and you are in a different country. where is your hope at a time like this if you are in the High-Risk category as well? We talk to Dr Bex Lewis live in New Zealand. Dr Bex is Senior Lecturer in Digital Marketing at Manchester Metropolitan University. She is currently at Vaughan Park, in New Zealand on a writing scholarship as part of her work – working on second edition of Raising Children in a Digital Age. She wrote an article on her blog –  Coping with the Coronavirus when you are ‘vulnerable’, ‘high risk’ … and overseas