Screengrab of 12th Day of Christmas

Thanks for following our #12DaysOfTreatment
Because as you know,
The treatment doesn’t stop for Christmas!

We hope you enjoyed following the daily cartoons, but please remember our treatment and quality of life will only improve if we keep #demandingchange

Are you ready for one final sing along? 😁

🎵🎶On the twelfth day of treatment my cancer gave to me –

12 Meds a’ numbin’ 💉
11 Ulcers biting 😬
10 Nights not sleeping 😪
9th Trial? I’m chancin’ 🤞
8 Doctors thinking 👩‍⚕️
7 Days of thinnin’ 😫
6 Bones a’ failin’ 💢
5 Friends gained their wings❤
4 Disruptive turds 💩
3 Tamoxifen 💊
2 ‘Dema gloves 👐
And a nurse who can’t cannulate me 💉 🎵🎶


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