Name: Tracey Heslin


Region: Wigan.

Diagnosis; denovo Her2 ,ER, PR in one breast and ER PR in other secondary in spine and sternum only

Age at diagnosis: 32 

Hi my name is Tracey. I live in Wigan with my husband Ben, and my two sons Nathan, 16, and Charlie, 10. In Feb 2020 I went to doctors with lump and a pain in my armpit.


They did a check, but the doctor said, “I can’t feel a lump, so I don’t think there is anything to worry about”. She also told me “You don’t get pain with cancer, and you are a bit young to get breast cancer”.

 I told the doctor that my Nan died at the age 56 from breast cancer, and my Auntie had it when she was 30, but they just sent me on my way. I felt so stupid.

In September 2020 I went on holiday with my friend. Whilst I was there one my breast went a funny shape. I immediately went to the out of hours doctors when I came home. They sent me to the breast clinic a week later, and it was there I was told I had breast cancer.

They said I needed chemotherapy, surgery, and radiotherapy. They also gave me a CT scan that come back ok, but then I had MRI scan on my breast, and they saw something on that scan, so sent me for a PET Scan.

Two weeks after starting the chemotherapy for my primary cancer, I was told I had secondary breast cancer. My world fell apart.

My treatment is now phesgo, zoladex and denusomab injection. I also take tamoxifen.


I wanted to be involved with metupuk to get it out there about mbc.