Screenshot from Parliamentary Debate
Check out just before 14:45 in the debate:

For some time now, the general public has been able to connect into Parliamentary debates of particular interest to them (it’s not a new thing for COVID), and today a number of METUPUK members watched the debate by the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Breast Cancer online – about which we’ve been encouraging everyone to contact their MPs! You can find a transcript of the debate on Hansard.

The WhatsApp group for the METUPUK team was busy whilst this was on was certainly a lot speedier than the debate happening on the screen (comments on the repetition of content – within both this session, and feeling like heard the same debates for last 6-7 years with no action moving forward, the pale/male/staleness of those present (although this is interest for something often seen as a women’s issue, this was interesting in itself), the bouncing between breast cancer and generic cancer care in relation to COVID)… 

Having said that – judging by the tweets, there was a lot of questions asked that fit with METUPUK aims and objectives – but the proof will be in the actions that get taken (of which there didn’t seem to be any clear ones set at the end of the debate)…


And a reminder of what drives our founder Jo forward – outliving her expected life span, and still fighting for better options for her, for us, and for those that will come after us:

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