Name: Mary Huckle 

Age: 56

Region: North London

Diagnosis: Primary DX – Aug 2007 – Stage 1, Grade 3 ER+ 8/8 PR+6/8 HER2- Right modified radical mastectomy with full axilla clearance. Adjuvant FEC 75 x 4 and Docetaxel x 4 and 5 years on Tamoxifen.

MBC DX – July 2014. I’ve been low HER2 expression since. 

Age at Diagnosis: 41 Primary & 48 Secondary

I’m Mary Huckle, a personal trainer and Pilates instructor from Enfield, North London. I’m married to Phil and we have 3 grown up children, Robert, Lauren, and Ellie. 

My passion for anything health and fitness-related has been a lifelong affair and after working in finance for many years I eventually changed my career path in 2003 and retrained as a personal trainer and Pilates instructor at the YMCA. I’m also qualified in pre and post-natal, breast cancer rehabilitation, and children’s fitness. 

I take pride in the fact that I’ve helped dozens of women regain their confidence and fitness during and after cancer treatment.

I myself was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2007 and with secondaries in July 2014. I have metastasis in my bones, liver, lungs, and brain, although my most recent brain MRI was clear of disease as a result of having cyberknife treatment. I am currently on a clinical trial using a combination of targeted immunotherapies, Keytruda and Enhertu. These are administered intravenously every 3 weeks. My latest CT scan shows a significant reduction in my liver lesions and stability elsewhere. I am also on Denosumab, a monthly injection to help stabilise the bone disease.

Despite my own diagnosis I endeavor to raise awareness of the disease, in particular of secondary breast cancer. I openly share my experience and am a passionate patient advocate. 

MBC has been overlooked for too long. I despair at the number of women still dying every day in this country and worldwide. As METupUK is the only patient advocacy group in this country for secondary breast cancer, it makes complete sense to work with its members. Our aim is to help change the narrative around breast cancer, improve the overall care and support, and ultimately help make MBC a chronic condition that people can live with.

Twitter: @mary_huckle
Instagram: maryhuckle