Name: Connie Johncock
Age: 32
Region: Kent 

Diagnosis: Her2+ denovo December 2012 age 23 (non invasive ductal carcinoma)

Age at Diagnosis: 23

Hi I’m Connie. I was diagnosed denovo her2+ breast cancer at the age of 23.

I originally found the lump at Christmas 2011 after regularly checking my breast as I have a family history but at the time had no known genetic mutation of breast cancer.

After a really abrupt appointment with my GP I was dismissed as the lump being hormonal.

Dec 2012 despite all the lump getting bigger and change in my nipple and dimple I plucked up the courage to try again with my GP (I was seen by a different doctor who sent an urgent referral to the breast cancer clinic)

31 Dec 2012 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and sent for further scans where it was confirmed my cancer had extensively spread to my liver.

I am now on my 7th line of treatment and have been on 2 clinical trials and had major liver surgery.

My experience of living with secondary breast cancer has been a roller coaster. My story is long but always happy to share.

Why you wanted to be involved with the MetUpUK campaign: I want to be part of the change as I am a living example of how someone can live if they have access to the right treatments.
I also feel breast in young women is not rare and we need to change this perception to stop young women dying of metastatic breast cancer