Bird houses for METUP UK

One of our supporters, Jason, is building some stunning handmade birdboxes.

All the money is going to

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About the bird boxes

 The Apex is 250mm by 140mm The timber is planed landscape oak  18mm thick, the joins are made with biscuit joins and waterproof glue and the timber oiled to seal it.

There two retaining screws on the front for easy access to clean. Each box is supplied with a screw and plug to fix to a wall. These boxes should last for many decades and can either be oiled in the Autumn with Danish oil or left to age gracefully.

Entrance holes with a diameter of 25mm are suitable for blue, coal and marsh tits, whilst a slightly larger entrance of 28mm will attract tree sparrows and great tits. Normally the largest entrance of 32mm will be good for bigger species such as house sparrows, nuthatches and woodpeckers.

The cost and how to buy

The boxes are £60 delivered by Hermes, £50 if picked up from Rushden, Northants.

Payment can be made to me via paypal To keep things transparent I pay £50 to with order


About Jason

“I love my garden, am passionate about roses and trying to make my garden a haven for me, wildlife and anybody dropping by (soon!).

Making things and DIY gives me great satisfaction. Looking at the statistics for MBC deaths from a Tweet by Jo Taylor touched me, I have lost 6 Aunts to breast cancer on both side of the family and decided to try and do something to advance the cause at the time I was making a bird box and the light went on when a friend said you should sell those…”

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